Turning The Page

 I know, it’s been awhile since I have put out a blog, but I have been busy…doing very little.

In April 2021, I let everyone know that I had found happiness again! I have been with my girlfriend, Lynda, since August 2020. We are both very happy, looking forward to what the future holds for us. That future includes a new home, basically a new life for both of us. We are moving to a 55+ community in Lockport and are very excited about beginning the next chapter of our lives. 

I say next chapter because, as most of you know, my first chapter lasted til October 10th of 2019, the day my lovely wife Pat left us. No one is ever ready to lose their loved ones and no one is prepared for how it will affect you.  It is difficult for anyone to move forward, continue living when your world comes crumbling down. 

Pat and I were never blessed with children, even though we enjoyed sixteen nieces and nephews and five goddaughters. The possibility of having grandkids was never a thought, but now I have two.

Lynda’s daughter has two wonderful children and I have become their “paw paw”! Who knew I actually liked children? These two have become a beautiful and wonderful part of my life. We watch them every Wednesday and Friday and it is great! 

I have never had a house built before. My two house purchases were of existing homes. The experience is a trip. Picking a model, then selecting cabinets, flooring, doors, plumbing, you name it, we design how it looks. Never thought I would enjoy the process, but Lynda and I have enjoyed it and can’t wait til we get to walk into our new home. We will have a basement for all of my sports stuff and, now, a room for the grandkids toys and things. We will have a nice big yard for the two Golden Doodles I have inherited…and absolutely love. They do restrict our ability to get up and go, but we will figure out a way to travel in the future. 

After nearly forty-four years, I retired in January. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Pat’s pension and the investments that we made over the years. 

Many thought I would miss being on the radio and talking sports, which I did at SportsPhone, The Score and ESPN 1000. Nope! People don’t realize how just doing part-time shows meant you had to watch and stay up on all Chicago AND National sports and the time that it took to do that every week. Now, I can watch games that I want to and more importantly, I do not have to watch things I could not care less about, such as the NBA, golf, the NHL, (except for the Blackhawks), and the “hot takes” that sports stations want you to discuss because they love their Twitter “clicks” and social media hits. Thank GOD!

I am staying busy, every Monday with my podcast, Huebs Views & Brews on the 1252 Sports podcast group. A young guy named, Mike Murawski, AKA Fat Mike, asked me if I would be interested in doing a podcast. I said, as long as I could talk sports AND beer. I have been doing that weekly since April of 2021.

A happy future was not something I was expecting, but I am happier than I ever thought I could be. I have found love again. I have a new home and a new life to look forward to and can not wait to watch MY grandkids grow up. 

Life doesn’t wait for you to adjust. It keeps going. I feel I have done the best I could and can’t wait to see what the future has in store. Actually, I got my Medicare card today, so I know things are changing.


  1. Great to hear, Fred. All the best. George

  2. Nice to hear life is good for you Fred. Enjoy each and every carefree moment. They're the reward for working hard for so many years. Keep in touch!

  3. Awesome to hear Fred! Can’t wait to clink some glasses together soon!


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