Close To Exhaling!

 It has been more than a year since I have posted a blog and have I been busy!

Lynda and I FINALLY got into our new home at Lago Vista, a 55plus community, in Lockport. My Downers Grove neighbors and other friends were all talking about how far away it is, but from Lockport to Downers, it’s 18 minutes door-to-door!

The build took 18 months, but in the end, it was well worth it. We love our home, with the two golden doodles and everything! Lynda had bought a lot of furniture for the house and we each kept things from our other homes. We each had so much stuff, clothes, furniture, decorations, just a bunch of old stuff, that has taken, me especially, so long to get through. We have realized that putting together furniture, together, is not the most pleasant experience we have had. Downright horrible, but we got through it.

Lynda’s daughter and her husband bought her house and they have made improvements to make it their home for the two of them and their, now three children. 

The adjustment to living with a person you have liked for a long time, and now love, has had its moments. I am not the easiest person to live with, (friends of Pat’s will tell you, I’m sure), and for me, getting used to living with another lovely woman, has taken it’s time. In all relationships, it’s the little things, putting things in the sink instead of the dishwasher, having a certain way to pack and unpack groceries from the store. Two, headstrong  retirees each learning to live with a new person after so many years. It has been an adventure…but one I appreciate at the end of the day. 

I finally sold my Downers Grove home. It was THE house Pat and I thought we would be in for the rest of our lives. Once Pat left us, it was no longer OUR home. Many wonderful memories, but if I was going to move forward in life, it had to be a fresh start and a new home. 

Amazing the amount of STUFF you acquire over 38 years of marriage! I can not thank my brothers and sisters enough for all the time and work they put in to help me set up an estate sale and finally assist me in getting the house ready to sell. 

Now Lynda and I have had an architect friend look at our empty basement and develop some plans for our finished lower level. We can’t wait for the work to begin to have friends and family over for the Holidays, football games, etcetra. 

I get asked often if I miss working, since I had an amazing job and career on radio and in the sports media. The answer is a definite NO! I now can watch, or not watch what I want to, what I enjoy, instead of having to watch everything. I couldn’t be happier with the years I had on radio and am thrilled to have my work years behind me. 

I am working on another blog as I finish this one up. I can’t believe how my life has turned out.