Another Day Alone With My Thoughts!

Just after 6:15 this morning, my wife, Pat, told me, "Your buddy is outside!"

My neighbor, Chris had started his snow blower, and was on his way across the cul-de-sac to plow my drive.

Chris, and my other neighbor, Mike, have been great the last several years taking care of our small, but not too small, driveway, after I gave away the snow blower that my brother-in-law gave me. There was just not enough room in our already crowded garage...and I didn't mind shoveling anyway.

This year, Chris and Mike won't let me shovel, even if I wanted to.

In late October, I caught some sort of virus, and ended up in the hospital for six days. The virus attacked my chest and I developed fluid around the heart, an irregular heartbeat and a high heart rate. I am still dealing with the irregular heartbeat and am hopefully a week away from the doctors trying to "shock" it back into its proper rhythm.

The nice part about Chris doing the drive is that his dog, Mya, comes with. Mya is a brown labradoodle and tons of fun to play with in the snow. I am trying to make Mya, my buddy! So while Chris is cleaning MY drive, I am playing with his dog. I know, something about that just isn't right.

After being laid off from the SCORE, Sports Radio 670 after 16 plus years, I am beginning my search for a new position in Chicago sports media. It is a crowded field, with not a lot of opportunities, but I am confident that I will find the right fit.

I also look forward to hopefully doing play-by-play for the Chicago Fire again this season. Last season, I had the pleasure of working with color analyst, Chris Doran and sideline reporters Sarah Kustok and Amy Freeze. New Jersey based producer, Jeff Strauss worked all but one of our games last season, and I hope we continue again this year. Sarah won't be with the team as Comcast SportsNet scooped her up as a reporter for SportsNite. Wise move!

On this blog, I will attempt to post things that you may get a kick out of and it also gives me an outlet to get rid of all the sports knowledge and sports opinions that I currently have been keeping to myself.

Talk with you soon!


  1. Fred: You're one of the good guys ... Something will come up. I am looking forward to your coverage of Chicago Fire soccer. By the way ... With the snow outside, I was thinking about you doing the Kansas City game in sandals due to the heat. We could use that heat now!

  2. Fred - my husband is a big fan of yours, and I, too am in Chicago radio. I also have a blog I write with my sister. Probably more up your wife's alley than your own, but I hope you will follow and help support the little people in Chicago radio.

  3. Fred, you should hit up North to do a segment on his TV show - he owes you one for getting you laid off by ripping you from Murph.

  4. Fred,
    Today on AM1000,I was again reminded why I'm not crazy about Dan McNeil. With layoffs all over the place,he was talking with his 2 "soundalike" cohorts about making an "impulse" buy & getting an $18,000
    boat! He also says he could walk in to his favorite hunting store & drop 10 grand without blinking an eye. That pompous ass has a job but you don't.
    You need to think "out of the box" and come up with something different in the local sports field. This blog is a good start.


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