I'll Take Hodge Podge for 500, Alex

It's a little bit of a lot of things as I sit down to write this Sunday morning at 2:17am. My wife is out with her friends for their monthly get together. This one is an overnighter, allowing me to stay up late to watch a dvd...tonight it was "Max Payne", (I'd give it 2 stars...special effects were good, story a little confusing). Saw "Righteous Kill" with DeNiro and Pacino last night. That one also gets 2 stars. Tropic Thunder awaits. I'll probably get to that later this week.

For those who have been reading my Facebook page, you know I had some heart problems in October, but Friday I went in for a cardioversion, where they basically hit the reset button on your heart by shocking it. It worked and my heart beat is back to regular. I am ready to go.

Saturday was a fun day, as I had a chance to see some of the Chicago Fire soccer players and coaches before they leave for training camp in Florida on Monday. The team has their starting 11 back from last season, with a full season of Brian McBride. With the MLS reducing rosters from 28 to 24, camp is going to be tough for players trying to grab a spot. C.J. Brown is healthy and is going to give it a try for another season after missing most of last year with an injury. Defender, Dasan Robinson is also back healthy, with forward, Calen Carr hoping to get ready for the start of the regular season.

I had a chance to meet the Fire's first pick in the SuperDraft, Baggio Husidic from UIC. He is pumped to be with the Fire and would love to help at an attacking midfield position. Maybe he could replace the loss of Stephen King, who was selected by Seattle in the expansion draft.

The season opener is March 21st in Dallas.

At Hawthorne Race Course Saturday Night, they held the 16 inch softball Hall Of Fame inductions. I was pleased to see my wife's cousin, Pat Caputo go into the Hall. He has played for some 39 years and won numerous titles. One heck of a pitcher, Patty deserved it. My guy, Mike North, also was honored along with Steve Kashul, going in as media members. If you remember, Mike and Steve did 16 inch games on Sports Channel back in the day, when local television actually took some chances.

Super Bowl XLIII is just a week away and people are planning their viewing parties for the BIG game. If you listen to ESPN radio this week, you just may hear a familiar voice promoting Uncle Bub's BBQ in Westmont for the place to get your catering and take out needs for the tilt between Arizona and Pittsburgh. Mark and Jay are buddies of mine and I was pleased to help them out with a few spots.


  1. Fred,
    Glad to hear you are doing better with your heart! So your telling me after your "procedure"
    to get your heart beating ok,your wife leaves you for a "girl's night out"?? Just kidding,hope to hear you back on the radio,soon!


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