MY Week in Review

First off, I have to tell you, I didn't watch ONE MINUTE of Blago fest on any of the tv stations this week. His ousting was imminent, and I didn't need to waste my time. Pat Quinn is a great guy and will do everything in his power to help the people of Illinois. He is a stand-up guy and deserves the position. I am proud to say I know Pat a little bit from our talks on the air with Mike Murphy back in the day at the Score. It doesn't hurt that he is a White Sox fan. It's great to have a South Side fan in charge of the State, as well as the Country!

Monday, I had the opportunity to join Mike North, Dan Jiggetts, and Jen Patterson on Monsters in the Morning on Comcast. It was great to see the guys, and it's always great seeing Jen. We talked Super Bowl XLIII, (I would like to see Arizona win, but it won't be easy.). The set looks much bigger on tv than it really is. The guys are just three weeks in and I feel the show gets better each day. It's a work in progress, and I am confident they will get to where they want to be.

Now that my heart issues have been resolved, after last weeks cardioversion to get my heart back to its regular rhythm, I joined Cardinal Fitness. Took it slow the first day. I hope to make it a three times a week stop. I have the time!

Wednesday, the Chicago Fire soccer schedule was released for the upcoming season. They open the year in Dallas March 21, but the most exciting stop was when they head north of the border.

Saturday, May 16, the Fire play Toronto FC (stands for football club), at BMO Field in Toronto. That same weekend, the White Sox have a four game series with the BlueJays, also in Toronto.

My 52nd birthday is May 15, and I can't think of a better weekend celebration than heading to Canada for some baseball/soccer action.

The middle of the week was also, unfortunately, highlighted by a blowout my wife, Pat, had with her car. It turned out to be an expensive one, as we eventually needed to get new tires, and of course, when they removed the back tires, they found out we also needed rear brakes. It's just like my favorite saying goes, "It's always something, and it never ends!"

Thursday night, Pat and I had a chance to check out Scapa Italian restaurant in downtown Clarendon Hills. The grilled calamari was excellent, as was the Italian wedding soup. Try out the place for yourself and let me know what you think. Say hi to John and Joe.

Friday, I had the chance to join attorney David Spada, and former Bear tight end/fullback, Robin Earl, on the Barely Legal show at This is a Mike North Production, that is at the same place Mike did the webio show, and still has the Monsters show on the web. We had Hall of Famer, Ted Hendricks join us to talk Super Bowl, and discussed the Bears, Sox, and Cubs the rest of the hour. It was great being in front of a microphone again.

Finally, last night, I joined several of my high school buds, (Steve Jagielo, Larry Griffin and Mark "Moofer" Molaro), to watch our alma mater, Morton, play at Downers Grove South. Morton was without one of their stars, Luke Scarlatta, but hung tough thanks to the rebounding and hustle of Raul Guzman. DGS won in overtime, but the game wouldn't have gotten that far if my guys could have made some free throws. They were terrible at the line and need to improve as tournament time approaches. By the way, the three referees were BRUTAL! Worst I have seen in sometime, for both sides.

As for Super Bowl XLIII, I have avoided all the hype, (not working at the Score anymore allowed me to do that). I would love to see a good game, close into the fourth quarter, and what a story it would be if the Cardinals could pull it off.

More from this Idle Mind soon!


  1. Fred,
    I just payed about 2300 bucks in repairs,brakes,etc. for my 2000 Ford Taurus over the last 3 months. I have 3 cars because my son & daughter live at home and commute to college. Over 26 years of marriage,I have gone through about 8 or 9 cars. I don't know what the average couple goes through but you reach a point where you have to stop putting big bucks in an older car.Hope to hear you on the air soon!!
    Hang in there,


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