What Do We Really Expect to CHANGE!!! and how about the NFL!

It's the day before the big inauguration, and a lot of Chicago is either in D.C., or on their way.

Barack Obama becomes the country's 44th President tomorrow, when he is sworn in. The concert seemed amazing yesterday, from what I saw of it, and the number of people just blows me away.

We know these are tough economic times, but people are leaving their homes to get to the Nation's capitol anyway they can. There are inauguration parties throughout the week, costing millions of dollars. Couldn't some of this money be put to better use? And how is everyone getting out of work to travel to D.C. to see the inauguration? Or are all the people who are making the trip, out of work already? I can sympathize.

Call me a naysayer, or whatever else you would like, but tell me the last time you could buy a hat or t-shirt with the President's name or face on it, when they were not being criticized?

President Obama is one heck of a guy, and what we have seen, not a bad hoopster. He likes to find the open man, and knows how to get to the hole. Back in the day, he joined us on the Mike North Morning Show, and all he wanted to talk about was his beloved White Sox, which we got a kick out of. My question is what exactly does this country expect from their newest President, and how long before his supporters will begin to turn on him?

Now I am not a political expert, and lord knows I don't have all the answers...I don't even know the questions. I am just wondering...

Now for something I do know a little bit about, the National Football League.

I love it that Arizona is going to SB43! They clinched early, being in a weak NFC West, then stumbled to the finish. But Ken Whisenhunt had these guys ready on both sides of the ball and Larry Fitzgerald is amazing! What a wide receiver. I can't remember the last WR I saw that could get that high and had hands like that.

As for Donovan McNabb...I know he's a Chicago guy, but he just can't win the big game. He was not good in the first half, and then he wasn't helped out at all in the second half by Hank Baskett, who must have had Kendra on his mind instead of the game.

The Steelers win didn't surprise me. Their defense turned it up and the Ravens rookie QB couldn't pull out another one.

The Big Game could be a good one if AZ can get Fitzgerald the ball and they also can't forget their running game. Edgerrin James has played better and Hightower is a bruiser.

I wonder who Obama likes in the game?


  1. Fred,
    I can't blame THAT loss on McNabb. He had his team in position to win,before the Philly defense folded against Warner & Co. in the final few minutes.


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