How Lucky I Have Been

From the time I was a youth growing up in Cicero, I always wanted to talk about sports on the radio.

Back in the late sixties and early seventies, Pat Sheridan took to the airwaves each night on WCFL to talk sports, and I would be there each and every night to listen. Pat would breakdown the local baseball teams, the Bears, the Blackhawks and Bulls, once they came into the NBA. There were even times that I heard Pat make a mistake on a stat, or a score from the night before. I would find out later how easy that can be.

I would listen and tell my dad how cool it was for this guy to talk sports, take phone calls from die hard fans, and get paid for it.

Now, as I am sitting here waiting for my next opportunity to take to the airwaves, I realize just how fortunate I have been to do something I truly love, for more than THIRTY YEARS!!! First at Sports Phone, and most recently, at the Score.

This morning, I traveled to IIT, just the other side of the Dan Ryan from U.S. Cellular field, and joined Jeff Korey, John Lauricella and Paul Cordogon on their radio show, The Sports Huddle and Stuff. Jeff and John work at IIT while Paul is a student. These guys love talking sports and it was a pleasure to be able to join them.

They treated me like royalty, like I was doing them a favor. I love talking sports, be it with my buddies, (Peoria is right around the corner), former listeners that I run into, or just the average Joe that finds out what I have done with my career.

There are fans, including my new buddies at IIT, that love sports, love talking about it, and love arguing about it. Most have other jobs, and would kill to be able to do what I have done over the years.

For the longest time, I was always able to tell my wife, "Honey, But I have to watch the's my job!"

I am really hoping I can utter those same words again very, very soon!


  1. Fred,
    I too am very envious of you. I remember sports phone. Back then it was the only way to keep up with all the scores. Amazing how far we have come. I also remember The Dick Allen Show co-hosted by the late Rick Talley. I miss the old days. I enjoyed reading the 4 daily newspapers,guy's like Jim Enright,Jerome Holtzman,Jack Mabley and Bill Gleason. I love Sports Radio but am getting tired of some of the "tudes" that come across on the air. The constant insults and putdowns of those who bother to call in has become expected by some.
    Then you go the other way with radio hosts (WGN) who make sure that their thought process is "filtered" and politically correct....BORING!
    I thought you did a fine job (for a SOX fan!)
    Good Luck!

  2. True enough Jimmypasta. Sports Radio is sounding a bit tired right now, in Chicago & nationally. It might be that the presentation and format needs to be redeveloped.

    Maybe all the hosts need some time away to get a better perspective of what is interesting & entertaining. Maybe they all need to realize (as Fred has) that most guys would love to get paid to talk sports as a daily job.


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