Who Needs David...We Have Gordon!

It appears that David Beckham's stay in Major League Soccer with the LA Galaxy is about to come to an end.

Beckham is on loan with AC Milan in Italy, and he wants to stay there and the team wants him to remain. MLS refused AC Milan's initial offer for #23, but I expect that things will eventually get worked out. No sense keeping a player, much less one of the most recognized athletes in the world, if he isn't happy!

I realize Beckham signed a long term deal with the league, but the transfer possibility was written into the contract. The league got about all they can from the promotion of Beckham. Letting him go to one of the top teams on the planet isn't a bad move at this time.

Many people who do not know soccer, and some that do know the game, say Beckham did not bring his "A"game to the States, that he didn't give his all. Beckham, unlike Blanco with the Chicago Fire, is NOT a goal scorer. Americans say, "How do you pay that kind of money for someone who doesn't score goals?" Beckham does what he does, as well as anyone in the world. He can "bend it" like no one else on free kicks and his crosses have led to many of the prettiest goals you could ever see. Playing in the midfield, on the right side which is his best spot, he needs help to be a star player. Forwards to get their heads to his crosses...central midfielders to find him on the flank. He did not get that with the Galaxy. I believe Beckham came here to help the league. He did, when healthy, and now it is time to let him go.

In a year or two, when Gordon Beckham makes a name for himself on the South Side with the White Sox, you will forget all about David.

A couple quickies before I go...

- The Chicago Fire is expected to decide on their plans for this season's television coverage this week. I hope my number is called to do play-by-play for the upcoming season on My50.

- I took my wife to see "He's Just Not That Into You", Saturday night. Not a bad flick. A definite date night. If you see it downtown, stop at Heaven on Seven before or after and grab one of their spicy bloody marys.

- I agree with Phil Rogers...A Rod should just admit to what he took. We are a very forgiving society...but don't you dare lie to us.

- Michael Phelps is an IDIOT!!! You have the world where you want it. You couldn't wait for the privacy of your own home, when you were alone, to hit the bong...big dummy!


  1. Very true Fred.
    After increasing ticket sales for two years, selling many Galaxy shirts, and generally lifting the profile of the league (okay, just a little), there's not much else he can do. It was a gamble for MLS & Beckham and now it's time to take AC Milan's offer and invest that money in younger players.

    Like it or not, MLS will continue to be a developmental league not a destination league. That's okay - I think fans of the sport can appreciate that as long as the level of play continues to increase. Last season's late regular season matchup between Columbus and the Fire showed how entertaining the league could be with a mix of foreign & domestic players going all out to win.


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