Nice To Be Busy

It's amazing what a job can actually do for you mentally.

After the Score laid me off in December, I got a little lethargic. My wife would say more than a little. I had a chance to catch up on all of my favorite television series, spent some time with the family, and became one heck of a "cabana boy/chauffeur" for my honey.

I knew the Chicago Fire season was quickly approaching, and then I received the offer to become a co-host with Matt Weber on the "Webby & Freddy Show", which begins Monday, April 6 on

It is basically twelve hours of Chicago sports talk on the internet, and it will be fun, not only for me and Matt, but for the listeners.

So, after not being busy for a few months, over the last couple of weeks I have attended a luncheon for the new Chicagosportswebio, flew off to Dallas and Washington, DC for Chicago Fire broadcasts, and shot a tv commercial for the new webio venture.

I am happy again. Looking forward to opening day of baseball and, and also, enjoying every minute of the Fire's 1-0-1 start, as the home opener is this Sunday at Toyota Park vs. the New York Red Bulls.

One last thing...Sunday night, catch me with Lou Canellis on CLTV at 9pm...Then next Wednesday on Chicago Tribune Live with David Kaplan.

It feels so good to be back with the working folk!


  1. Hey Fred,
    Can I have April Rose's phone number?
    She makes me think impure thoughts!
    Rooting for your new company.
    I hope it works!


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