Good While It Lasted

I felt I got lucky.

On a Thursday night in March, I was talking with my wife, Pat, about possibly having to leave Chicago if I wanted to continue working on radio. Jobs here had dried up and the stations all seemed to be cutting personnel to save money.

Then, my phone rang. It was David Hernandez, who, along with Mike North, were getting ready to start a new Internet sports talk site called

I had hoped to get an opportunity to work with this new venture, but the line-up had been leaked a few days earlier, and I was not a part of it.

Hernandez asked if Mike North had called me. When I mentioned that I had not heard from Mike in weeks, he said one of them would get back to me shortly. Turns out, the Chicago Tribune would not allow Teddy Greenstein to do a two hour show on the web with Matt Weber,(said it would hamper Teddy's prep time for his full-time gig), and they were calling to offer me the spot.

I had known Matt since he began working at the Score as an intern. He had stuck with the Mike North Morning Show as a producer and had developed into a good host when given the opportunity. Matt was getting his first big shot at hosting and I gladly accepted to be his partner.

Everything went well, from the pre-launch parties to the start of our broadcasting. Matt and I developed an instant chemistry. We got great guests thanks to our producer, Steve Goffman, who had also left the Score to join CSWebio.

But the Memorial Day weekend was the beginning of the end.

When checks bounced, three of mine that I had deposited before the holiday, we were told it was a bank error. When others were returned, including a check to repay the bounced checks, plus fees, we knew we were in trouble.

That brings me to today. One day after the news on our company President allegedly being charged in a Ponzi scheme. All assets frozen...goodbye six weeks pay.

I have said many times that I love broadcasting and talking sports so much, I would probably do it for free. Turns out I have since the end of April.

What's next? We shall see. Football season is not far away. Maybe someone needs a pre- or post-game show host. Maybe someone will pick up the "Webby & Freddy" show after they heard that we were doing good things on the web.

Stick around and see how the next chapter turns out!!!


  1. I get the feeling that something may shake up at ESPN 1000 sometime. Hopefully they can lose the national feeds someday and make room for you and Webby or you and someone. Hang in there Fred.

  2. Lets continue the webby and freddy world tour -


  3. Hey Fred - How about making some podcast with Webby for the sox vs cub.


  4. Hang in there!
    Good things do happen to good people!

  5. Hey Fred,

    It sucks that there are people out there like Hernandez. I don't think Pappy acted in a criminal manner, but he acted negligently and its pretty sickening to to not see him take any accountability for his actions.

    I would have a lot more respect for North if he 'manned up', apologized to the staff and on-air talent for betraying your trust in getting in bed with a convicted felon, and left it at that. He can't spin his way out of it now - he fucked up, he should man up, and then SHUT UP.

    Good luck to you in the future Fred. Hindsight is 20-20. You messed up with the Webio deal, but you're not tainted from it and I've heard nothing but good things about you and 'Webby'.


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