Just a Few Things That Pis...Upset Me!

I'm not sure about anyone else, but when I watch sports on the evening news, or a full half-hour wrap-up show at night, I am looking for information. If I wanted to chuckle, chortle and guffaw, I would watch one of the late night shows hosted by Letterman or Conan.

Why is it that sportscasters, both radio, but especially television, think they have to be so smug, so cute? Are they not confident that they can keep viewers any other way?

Examples...Stuart Scott...enough said.

No, really. Bears training camp actually began today with the Lovie Smith press conference to welcome the media. Practices begin tomorrow, but apparently we are going to have to hear the stupid, idiotic, "BEAR-bonnais", throughout the entire time the Bears spend downstate. There had been rumors they would move to Lewis University next year. Now, I really hope so.

Because of by hatred, (and that's another thing. People are always saying HATE is such a strong word. No it isn't. If you HATE something, go ahead and say it.), of the smarmy talking heads, I am more and more fond of Mark Schanowski everyday. He gives you what you want, as it should be delivered.

I am in the process of looking for work...oh, you've heard about that.

Everyday, someone is leaving for more money, leaving due to cutbacks, leaving because of inappropriate actions with a co-worker, (for the second time). It is getting harder and harder to find a job in the media in Chicago. Is going out of town the answer? Have you listened to how bad radio and television is when you go on vacation?

Chicago is called the Second City, they are the third largest media market, but the talent here is THE BEST!!!

One more thing before I leave. I mentioned this several years ago when working on The Mike North Morning Show. When someone dies, usually in an auto accident, usually because they were impaired, or they were struck by someone that was, what is the fascination with building a roadside shrine?

There is a reason they have funeral homes and cemetaries. If I died in the middle of the night, would you put a cross up in the middle of my bed, or at least my side of the matress? And who is supposed to clean up the mess that is put out there on the streets?

Just wondering!

Don't forget, the Fire host Real Salt Lake Saturday at Toyota Park. 7:30 start. If you can't make it out there, catch our broadcast on My50.