Another week...of wishing and hoping!

My wife left the house at 6:50 this morning, off to yet another full day, and night of work.

As the door closed, I realized it was another day for me to be together with my thoughts of things such as...the phone not ringing, e-mails not being returned, and me continuing to look for my next place of employment. If not full time, then possible part-time work.

It gets lonely at home by yourself. You wonder what you should do next. Should you call that person who hasn't gotten back to you after six or seven calls? What other applications can you come up with for the talents that I have? Should I do that work around the house that needs to get done? How do I fix a toilet where the flapper just doesn't do its job, even the new one I bought to replace the old one?

It is a depressing time being out of work. You do not realize how having a job not only helps satisfy your monetary needs, but also your social needs. I know, some of you think it would be perfect for me, being away from people. Not so much.

Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn help you keep in touch with the world, but a lot of my "friends" are also in my predicament, looking for their next job.

Do I start a podcast? Will anyone listen? Does it matter?

I am told everyday, things will work out. They always have and I have to believe that they will again. But, "the waiting is the hardest part".

Thanks Tom Petty!


  1. Hang in there Fred. I have many friends who are riding in that boat right next to you. I have one secret for mental health that women have known for years. Do lunch. Get together with friends and talk about everything, except the job market. It helps.

    You should also write more. Get a hold of somebody at the Trib and do a "Chicago Now" blog. They have several sports blogs, but you could outdo them all.

    Hell, even Janet Dahl is writing for them now.

    Take it easy, but take it.


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