Fun Shopping with Fred

When home during the week, you get a chance to make the run to the shopping center, the local K Mart, whatever, to grab the weekly and monthly needs. Toilet paper, paper towels, deodorant, you name it.

With Halloween this week, it was my time to go and buy the candy for the trick-or-treaters. My wife told me that K Mart had a deal on bags of "fun-sized" candy bars for $1.88 per bag, as long as you purchase four bags.

This morning, I was off to K Mart. Made a quick stop at McDonald's for a couple sausage burritos, and off to the local K Mart.

Right there, just inside the door, boxes of the candy. I couldn't have been happier. In and out. My favorite way to shop.

I threw nine bags of candy...Snickers, Kit Kats, Almond Joys, Reese's peanut butter cups, all the favorites, of the kids and yours truly. When I got to the register, I asked the cashier if they were all coming up at $1.88. She told me, the first four would, the rest were $2.49. The sale was $1.88 for the first four. Any more or less would be at the higher price.

I could not have any of that. So, what did I do. Bought four bags...put them in the car...and came back for four more. Cheap! Hey, I saved two bucks, enough for another bag. Was it a hassle? Sure it was, but I had the time.

Now it was off to J C Penney. My wife had given me a coupon for a free ten dollars, so why not stop and pick up some socks and underwear.

My thriftiness was at work again. A package of three boxers, on sale for $10.20, and three pair of dress socks for $12. (You may ask, Dress socks? Where are you going? Plus, I guess you have the answer to the question, not that I have ever been asked, boxers or briefs?)

I get to the register and the boxers are coming up at $17. I ask the cashier to call back to the men's department. I tell her where I got them, what they were listed as. The guy on the floor says he can't find them. The patient individual I am, I tell the cashier, I'll go back and show the guy! I walk back to the department, show the clerk the sign, in a rather rude fashion, and he gives me the, Aw...I didn't see that! It was right where I told him it was.

Is it just me or is every trip to the shopping center one that turns out adventurous? It seems that I happen to run into all the "challenged individuals", not physically, but definitely challenged when it comes to everyday common sense.

I didn't mean to veer away from my normal radio and sports talk. The Danny Mac Show was on while I was writing this and in the car while moving from one stop to another.

It's game one of the World Series tonight between the Yankees and Phillies, with the Blackhawks at Nashville tomorrow and the Bulls opening their season against San Antonio.

Most importantly, the Chicago Fire open their push to MLS Cup with the playoffs starting in New England Sunday at 1:00pm.


  1. was up Fred,
    I like doing my run arounds in the morning while everybody is at work - it makes it so easy and fast to shop.
    I put away my cub gear and sporting some yankee appareal for the series - GO YANKEES
    Da Bulls will have an easy game with the Spurs as long D Rose is in there...
    And of course the FIRE should win it ALL !!!!!!!
    Bearssss - wow - I just hope they win vs the Browns...
    See ya Fred


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