A Day Alone With My Thoughts...oooo, scary!!!

I had the chance to visit with Mike North, Dan Jiggetts, Jen Patterson and the rest of the "Monsters in the Morning" show earlier today on Comcast SportsNet. It was nice for the guys to have me on, to chat about sports, Tiger Woods, the Bears, Notre Dame, etc.

The appearance got me thinking, which is always a hit or miss prospect.

There is a bunch of things swirling around this mind of mine, and I knew that this would be the proper place to open up with all of those thoughts, so stand back...here they come!

TBS and Chip Caray have decided to part ways. Harry's grandson had been doing games with the network for the past few years, including the playoffs. Some people didn't like Chip, but I wasn't one of them. I felt that he brought excitement to the game, especially to the games that didn't provide any themselves.

Did you catch the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert Sunday night on HBO? I thought it was AWESOME! Throughout the program, Metallica, U2, and even the E Street band, became housebands for the likes of Lou Reed, Ozzy, Ray Davies, Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, and more. Even I choked up a bit, when Stevie Wonder lost it while singing a Michael Jackson song with John Legend, (So I am getting soft in my old age...not that kind of soft, aw, forget it). By the way, Stevie still puts on one heck of a show.

Athletes, including baseball players, have been taking a bad rap over the last few years, but did you see what the Anaheim Angels did? They voted the family of Nick Adenhart, the young pitcher that was killed early in the season in a car crash, a full share of their playoff money, some $138,000. Sometimes we forget to mention the good things these guys do.

The Bears biggest mistake happened in the off-season, when they brought in Orlando Pace and Frank Omiyale to provide blocking on the left side of the line. Can they get rid of those two guys right now? John Tait's retiring was a small little thing, that really did this team in. Talk about not being prepared!

Lindsey Hunter made me happy last night. I don't know how else to say it. Hunter needed to take up some minutes with Kirk Hinrich out with another thumb problem, and the old guy played well. Now he may be a bit sore today, those old bones and all, but he did what he could to get a win. If Derrick Rose would have just attacked the basket on the final play of the game. Bogut was out on Miller. Rose could have made it to the hoop, or at least gotten fouled.

I attended another "mini high school reunion" last Friday night at Michael Anthony's in Berwyn. Morton East, class of '75, thank you! We had two of these last year, and apparently, those that show up have enough fun reminiscing that we keep coming back for more. A biggie awaits in 2010...it's 35 years!

The Colorado Rockies are looking for a radio broadcaster for their games this season on KOA. I could relocate to Denver to do Major League baseball. What do you think?

Catching a Blackhawks game with a former colleague tonight. Seats in the 300 level, a great way to see the attack forming as the teams come up the ice. At the old Chicago Stadium, a buddy of mine, Sam DeSio, had season tickets in the first row of the second balcony. I'll raise a beer to the rafters for you tonight, Sam.

I just got done watching a couple of the latest episodes of Californication and Dexter. Unbelievable shows! If you haven't seen the shows before, put the previous seasons on your Christmas wish lists. You won't be disappointed.


  1. I think you should write more. I've been reading George Ofman's and Chet Coppock's blogs over at Chicago Now and you're much more entertaining. (Sorry George) And by the way, have you ever done baseball?


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