Bears Should Roll Over Seahawks!

It's Week 6 of the NFL season, and there is NO WAY I thought the Bears were going to be 4-1 entering this week.

Heck, I predicted the Bears would finish 6-10 or 7-9, and had a chance to lose their first three games of the season. It just goes to show you how unpredictable the league is this, and every season...that's why I don't gamble on football. That, and because I can't afford it.

This week, the Bears get Jay Cutler back as the 2-2 Seattle Seahawks come to town. Seattle, under coach Pete Carroll, have been BAD on the road, while winning their two games at home. They have one of the best home field advantages in the league. Those crazies from the Northwest love their Seahawks, and also, their Seattle Sounders MLS team. I've never been to Seattle, but hope to make it there someday. Seems like a nice place.

Cutler has attempted to clear up his concussion suffered versus the NY Giants, but we still are not sure which hit caused the brain bruise. After watching some of his execution in the first half against the Giants, I believe it happened earlier in the half than the last sack from their cornerback, Aaron Ross.

It was great to see Matt Forte run the ball last week. We are now seeing the speed from Forte that we saw in his rookie year.

There is no telling how the Bears will attack Seattle Sunday, but it is nice that, right now, they seem to be able to attack either through the air or on the ground.

Defensively, this team is earning the fans respect once again. Julius Peppers, they say, has been doing so many more things that don't show up in the stat sheet. He had an AWESOME block of a pass and interception last week versus Carolina. Four sacks and a few pressures. He still has just two sacks, two behind the guy on the other side of the line, Israel Idonije.

By the way, don't believe all the talk that Peppers is being double and triple teamed, thus, allowing the rest of the line to do a better job. I re-watched the Panthers game, and did not see ONE double or triple team. He is playing well, but I would like to see him get on the stat sheet a little more.

Here's a look at my BEST FIVE for this week's action:

Houston -4 1/2 over Kansas City
Atlanta +3 over Philadelphia
Minnesota -1 1/2 over Dallas
Washington +3 over Indianapolis
DA Bears -6 1/2 over Seattle

I'm not telling you to wager on these...if you are smart, you might even want to go the other way, but we'll keep track of how I do every week.

Don't forget about the baseball playoffs this weekend! They have been great, so far, and I am looking forward to some great pitching match-ups in the Championship series.

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