Have You Felt Completely Useless Lately?

Are you handy around the house...or are you just, "around the house"?

The last few days I have spent showing people where to put things, telling people what I need to have done, and assisting in home repair and appliance installation.

It hasn't been a lot of fun...and isn't that what we're all about?

My wife and I purchased several new appliances, as we are becoming more energy efficient, (sure we are). A couple of refrigerators, a dishwasher, and a stove, (we've been saving up for this).

Wednesday, I hung around the house waiting for the appliances to be delivered, as I needed to empty the refrigerators as near the delivery time as possible so we didn't have all of our food go bad.

Moving a 25 year old refrigerator, that still works, out from the basement, was a major task in itself. Moving the new things in meant door taken off, both from the house and the appliances, along with assisting in the heavy lifting.

Once everything was in the house, I had to wait for another day for someone to install a few of the items.

How is it, exactly, that one becomes "handy"?

I know it isn't growing up in an apartment from third grade until marriage, as I did.

Juan, the handyman, came over Thursday morning to begin the process of PROPERLY installing everything. I say, properly, because Juan is a perfectionist, and that is a good thing. He would never quick when something was installed until it was PROPERLY and PERFECTLY installed.

As a paying customer, I appreciated it, and respected his hard work...and long hours. He arrived around 8:30am and didn't leave until 6:30, with still more to do on Friday.

Why don't I know how to do all these things? Do I spend too much time watching sports, dramas, movies and sitcoms on television? No need to answer that!

On the way out, I asked Juan to check our gutters. Two hours later, they were completely cleaned and well operational for the upcoming rainy season.

To all of you that know how do do all the things around the house, I commend you. For those of you, like me, that are unable to do these, or even unable to try...get back to your television watching.

Did you know the American League Championship Series Game 6 is on tonight if it stops raining in Texas? And this is the final season of Smallville?

Last week I gave you my BEST FIVE NFL plays of the week. I went 1-3-1. Minnesota was my only winner, while Washington, with the 3 points tied Indy. The Texans, and Falcons let me down.

And how about those Bears?

No picks this week, other than to say it is a must win for the Monsters of the Midway! Jay Cutler needs to find some receivers, stay upright, and throw the ball away if necessary.

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