My Head's About to Burst!

There is so much rolling around this large melon of mine, I figured it was time to return to MY blog.

I wait all year for the NFL season to begin. The excitement of Sundays, The NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTv, and, once again, pre game shows on the radio, now every week on ESPN 1000.

The Bears are off to a 4-1 start, and stand atop the division, but they still have not played their best football.

Are there any REALLY good teams in the NFL? New Orleans lost to Arizona Sunday. The Colts already have two losses. Parity seemingly has reached an all time high where, truly, anyone can beat anybody any given Sunday!

I have never been a big fan of, now Washington QB, Donovan McNabb. He always seems to play his worst when he gets to the biggest games. I must say, he is playing extremely well this season. His performance against Green Bay Sunday was very good. We'll see how he does as the pressure of the season begins to creep up down the stretch.

The baseball playoffs have been fun to watch, despite the Sox and Cubs watching like the rest of us. I'm pulling for the Giants to put an end to Bobby Cox managerial career. I shake my head that the Twins can't win A GAME in the postseason. Now that they forced a Game 5, I'm pulling for the Rays to advance. Ultimately, it looks like the Phillies and the Yankees in the World Series.

I may be the only one, but I really believe that Joe Girardi IS interested in the Cubs managerial job.

PLEASE, Blackhawks fans, don't begin to worry about this year's team. At least not til the first 20 games are in the books.

The Chicago Fire will not make it to the playoffs this season, and that is very disappointing. The Fire made numerous changes preparing for a nice run this year, (including getting rid of me as their tv play-by-play guy), but they could not get their offense to click all season, and bringing players in during the season is just too difficult for the team chemistry. Their supporters are the BEST and I know that Frank Klopas will do everything in his power to get this team back to where they belong next season.

I have so many movies to see. Inception, The American, The Social Network, Secretariat, just to name a few. I have been away from the theater lately, but hear it calling to me.

Check back with me often...I hope to keep you entertained!

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