So, I Don't Have to LOVE All Sports!

Last night, the NBA season got underway with the most talked about team in a long time, the Miami Heat, with Lebron, Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh, getting it started in Boston.


Don't get me wrong, I like basketball. I have made the trip to Champaign, and then Peoria, for 26 of the last 27 years to see the Boys State Basketball Tournament. I've seen some great players that, eventually, made it to the NBA, such as Kevin Garnett, Derrick Rose, Andre Igoudala, Eddy Curry, just to name a few, (and I know I'm pushing it with Curry).

I love college ball. Not as much as I did when good players actually stuck around a few years to help teams develop into powerhouses, but I still live the game.

The Bulls start this evening, and can be heard all season on ESPN 1000), and I won't miss a game. I root for Rose and Noah, and I really like the potential of a Taj Gibson. I'm interested in how Tom Thibodeau will do in his first year as head coach.

But after the Bulls, someone could tell me, "It's Kobe vs. Lebron tonight", and I'd look to see if there is something better on TV to fill up my evening.

I understand that they are the best at what they do, but I just can not get into the NBA. The games are dull to me. There is very little strategy. I HATE isolation, one-on-one play, and it seems that every game comes down to that in the end.

Am I the only one?

The World Series begins tonight, and there I am interested.

When growing up, most children, "back in the day", were first exposed to baseball. That is the one game we grew up playing, understanding and following.

The Texas Rangers have made the Fall Classic for the first time in their franchise history, while the San Francisco Giants have rode their pitching, and some late inning heroics from former White Sox infielder, Juan Uribe, to represent the National League.

If the first two rounds of the post season showed us anything, it's that pitching does win in the playoffs.

Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum go in tonight's opener, which should be a good one.

I have said for decades that the Rangers would never win because they get worn out playing all those July and August games in the heat of Texas. This team, with a recovering alcoholic in Josh Hamilton as their star, and a manager that has admitted to doing marijuana and amphetamines as a player, and just last year tested positive for cocaine, just might be the ones to get it done.

The Bears are off this week...THANK GOODNESS!!!

The coaching staff needs to look at what has worked for them offensively in the first seven games of the season, and put together a game plan for the final nine games of the year.

It sounds so simple, but don't count on the brain trust in Lake Forest to follow through.

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