Cubs, Hendry Doing Their Best

The acquisition of Pitcher, Matt Garza from Tampa should give any depressed Cubs fan something to look forward to as the 2011 baseball season is quickly approaching.

Jim Hendry and the North Siders went into the off-season looking for three things, and after finalizing the deal for Garza, have acquired all three.

They wanted a left handed hitting power hitter...and came up with Carlos Pena.

They wanted a quality reliever to go along with lefty, Sean Marshall in the bullpen...and came up with former Cub, Kerry Wood.

The pick-up of Garza strengthens a starting rotation that will feature Ryan Dempster, a question mark in Carlos Zambrano, a youngster in Andrew Cashner, along with three or four others battling for the fifth spot.

They needed to improve the rotation, if nothing else, just to keep up with the other teams in the National League Central. Milwaukee has improved with the pick-ups of Shawn Marcum and Zach Greinke. St. Louis and Cincinnati already had good rotations.

If you look at the back of the Cubs bullpen, can you name many other teams with better set up guys and closers than the Cubs have in Wood, Marshall and Marmol?

Tom Ricketts has told all that would listen that the Cubs hope to build through their system, and despite the fact they traded some minor leaguers that many expected to play a part in that process, the team apparently has plans that didn't necessarily include those players.

Hak-Ju Lee may be a good player in a few years, but he wasn't, and isn't going to be a better hitter than Starlin Castro, who at twenty years of age, should be at shortstop for many years to come.

Chris Archer is a good prospect, but he is just that...a prospect. We already know Garza can win in the big leagues.

I feel General Manager, Jim Hendry, has done a very good job with what he has been allowed to use in building the 2011 Cubs. I like Mike Quade!

What are your thoughts on the move?

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