Which is Worse!

Once again this season, the Cubs AND White Sox, along with their fans, are watching the MLB playoffs with no hometown team to pull for. The White Sox were in first for most of the second half of the season, only to be unable to hit the ball with people on base the last two weeks of the year. The Cubs are in the midst of their, much needed, rebuild. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have their hands full, but I feel they are headed in the right direction. To be honest, with a few decent pitcher moves next season, they could actually be interesting to watch, unlike this season where the only fun was watching Samardzija, Rizzo, Barney in the field, and the continued maturing of Starlin Castro. Over the weekend, the New York Yankee fans have suffered with their team, and I can't say that bothers me too much. An organization with 27 World Championships...no one should feel bad for them or their fans. I'm sure everyone knows at least one. I titled this piece, Which is Worse. Not getting into the postseason, at all, or witnessing what the Yankee fans are witnessing. A team that had the best record in the AL, only to see their bats completely disappear in the postseason. It's not just A Rod not hitting, but Granderson, Swisher, And, unbelieveably, Cano. And how about in Cincinnati! The Reds have a tremendous season, playing much of the second half without their star first baseman, Joey Votto. They begin the playoffs with two wins in San Francisco, and can't win one game at home to advance to the NLCS. Or in Washington, where first, their GM decides to sit down their best starting pitcher in Stephen Strasberg to make sure he can have a longer career. Then, they let a 7-5 lead in Game 5 get away before losing after a four run 9th by the Cardinals. The one thing I do know is that each and every year, the MLB playoffs give us some unbelievably exciting moments that we will remember for ever. Moments that remind us why we love this game...and I didn't even mention the spectacular week for New York's Raul Ibanez. Can Chicagoans really stomach a Detroit vs St.Louis World Series?


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