Does That Bother You,Too!

  • The entire concept of Conference Tournaments in College Basketball! It's just a money maker for the big conferences, and they want us to actually care about who wins them. Top seeds are happy to get the extra rest.
  • IHSA having SO many Classes in football and basketball! Every year there are 12 State Champions, just in those two sports! Ridiculous!
  • People texting when driving...and walking! Put your darn phone away. Smell the flowers! Enjoy your ride. And stay safe!
  • Baseball fans not caring about the World Baseball Classic. The concept is great! The passion is cool! The time of year of the event is a problem that will never be solved!
  • The DH must be the same in both leagues! Either add it to the National League, or get rid of it altogether, and you know the Players Association won't let that happen.
  • Young people complaining about their jobs! Be happy you have one, and if you don't like it, find something you do like, and stop complaining!
  • Golf fans who were all over Rory McIlroy for walking away from an event due to a bad tooth! We are sympathetic to some, but a great 23 year old golfer leaves, and we FREAK OUT!
  • Pitbull! Can't he, along with dance, hip-hop & rap just go away? (That's the old man in me coming out! What happened to old fashion rock music? Thank goodness for Dave Grohl!)
More to come! Enjoy St. Patrick's Day!