Why Can't We?

There are so many things that go on in the world, and especially in sports, that should be changed...and here are just a few of the ones that REALLY get me going.

The NFL has used instant replay for years.  The NBA uses it a bit.  The NHL actually uses it best.  Now Major League Baseball has begun a season where instant replay is used to correct many of the calls made by umpires.  They ALL get it wrong.

For years, I have mentioned on the radio, and to anyone that would listen, that if you, and me and the rest of the fans watching at home can determine the correct call after one or two views of a replay, (in under twenty seconds), why can't the league do it?  If each league put an extra official, the 5th umpire, an extra referee, in the press box of every game, watching a 40 inch high definition television, like a lot of us fans do, they could fix incorrect calls with almost no delay in games.  When the ump or official sees an incorrect call, he contacts the official on the field and the call gets changed.  For some reason they won't do it...and so we suffer through three, four and five minute reviews.

Also in baseball, why does a reliever, who just threw numerous pitches to warm up in the bullpen, need to throw eight more when he comes into the game?  The mound can't be that different!  Okay, give them one or two, but really, what's the point?

Why do the Cubs still start their games at 1:20 pm?  I understand years ago, they had a twenty minute lead-off man, but that's not the case anymore.

Protecting football players is a great thing to do, but making the kickoff a near non-factor has ruined one of the most exciting plays in the game.

If I hear one more person say the Bulls were "tired" or "exhausted", I'm going to lose it.  A basketball game is 48 minutes and it takes two and a half hours to play.  There are SO many time outs and stoppages of the clock for fouls, free throws, TV breaks, etc., that if 25 to 30 year old players can't get their rest during the game, than something is wrong.

What is wrong with a tie?  The NHL uses a five minute overtime, where teams rarely attempt to score, and then a shootout to determine games during the regular season.  Why not a five minute overtime and then if no one scores, it is a tie?  Each team gets a point.    It would make the five minute OT much more competitive.  Also, teams should get three points for a win.  It would make them more valuable than just two.

Why must we listen to Network announcers in all sports?  If we are watching the Hawks and the Wild, why can't we go to the SAP button on our televisions and hear Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk?  If we are watching the Bears and Packers, Green Bay Fans should be able to hear Wayne Larivee and we should hit a button and hear Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer.  And in the World Series, the next time a Chicago team makes it, wouldn't it be more fun listening to Hawk and Stoney, or Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies than Joe Buck and anyone one else?

Oh, I have more for next time!