And Another Year Begins!

2014 wasn't great!

When the doctor tells you your wife has cancer, all other things you thought were important take a distant back seat. Pat is doing well with just a couple treatments remaining.  All thoughts and prayers are most appreciated. She has shown me what strength and courage really mean and I look forward to many healthy years to come.

As for me, things pretty much remained the same. Grabbing shifts and continuing my "Dream Job" of radio at ESPN 1000. Sports never stays the same and you can never predict what is coming next.  Hopefully, good things are ahead for me, as well as sports in Chicago in 2015.

I was fortunate enough to get back involved with the Chicago Fire Soccer team.  Working with Kevin Egan and Jeff Crandall on a weekly basis on Chicago Fire Weekly was a joy.  Jeff is a true professional and the passion Kevin brings to everything he does is infectious.

I have also had the opportunity to teach students what I know about the crazy business of radio at the Illinois Center of Broadcasting. It's great to help people who want to learn and improve themselves.

As for family, my father has been in declining health since he turned 80. Worse than that is he is far away from us living just outside of Sacramento. It's difficult him being so far away. Phone calls can't make up for not having your father nearby where you can stop by whenever you just need to see him. My mother is doing well and that is a true blessing.  Don't take your parents for granted.  They won't always be there for you!  Take advantage of all the time you have together.

Several years ago, my good friend, Sam DeSio passed away at the ridiculously young age of 49. Since then, my group of buddies has a standing breakfast once a month at the same restaurant. Sometimes eight of us show up, sometimes as few as two.  You never know how long the friends you have had will be around.  Cherish each and every chance you have to be with them and don't be too manly to tell them you love them! Us guys seem to have a problem with that.

Looking back at what I have wrote, it seems pretty depressing, but it all comes as ways to look forward to making 2015 a happier and better year for us all.

I have said this before, but I plan on making this, at least, a weekly blog.  Who know how quickly people will get tired of reading it, but for me it will be a great way to get things off my chest and express some of the good, bad, strange, unique, entertaining things I have rattling around this 7 5/8ths cranium of mine.