Baseball Should Be Fun in Town!

It doesn't happen often that both sides of town can go into a baseball season excited about their teams...but this looks like it could one of those years!

After three seasons of enduring miserable baseball on the North side, Joe Maddon's arrival as manager of the Cubs has the faithful excited. And for good reason. It has been difficult watching a team that wasn't prepared to win, or even challenge in the NL Central.

The signing of Jon Lester shows the Cubs have progressed to that next step.  When Kris Bryant arrives, likely in May, to go along with Rizzo, Castro, Baez, Soler, Alcantara and a very good starting rotation, the fans at New Wrigley Field should have plenty of things to cheer for.

On the South Side, Rick Hahn has been slowly building a contender and adding Jeff Samardzija, Adam Laroche and Melky Cabrera should make the White Sox a threat in the AL Central. Now if John Danks can actually have a good season, the rebuilt bullpen could make for a lot of fun nights at the Cell! The Sox fans have a youngster to wait on themselves with last years top pick, left handed pitcher, Carlos Rodon.

The Bears are trying to figure it out, the Bulls and Blackhawks look ready for deep playoff runs. How much fun would a couple of competing baseball teams in town be? We can always hope!

Now for the Chicago Fire fans in town...