Is This Going To Be A Tougher Season for White Sox Fans?

Sox fans had a rough 2016.  As it will go down as the year the crosstown rival Cubs snapped their 108 years of futility and won the World Series Sox fans were left watching, and wanting to know when their next one would come on the South Side.

Not necessarily a World Series Championship. which would be AWESOME, but a playoff appearance, a relevant team that plays meaningful baseball into August and September.

At Sox Fest, GM Rick Hahn laid out the plan for the dreaded REBUILD!  He was asked how long it would take, and said most rebuilds take five years.

I'll be 60 in May, (I know, I look good for my age...or maybe I just think I do), and I would like to get to the post-season sooner than that.

Unlike the Cubs, who "tanked" for lack of a better word from Theo, (I haven't been given a free copy of "The Plan" from David Kaplan yet), I feel the White Sox have made some moves that may allow them to get there quicker.

By trading Chris "The Jersey Cutter" Sale and Adam "I see all cameras" Eaton, for top level prospects, I feel the Sox have grabbed other teams first and second round picks and hopefully quickened the rebuild.

I know Yoan Moncada is hitting well in Triple A, Reynalo Lopez could be pitching for the big club right now, Luis Basabe is a potential five tool guy, and Michael Kopech is wooing people with his 100 mph pitching.  None of them should come up til August, at the earliest.

If the Sox can sign 19 year old, Cuban star-to-be, Luis Robert, who MLB made sign able earlier this week, the rebuild could move even quicker.

I know it's all wishful thinking...wishing and hoping, but that's what we have this season as Sox fans.

Quintana is 0-4, Frazier hitting .100 after battling the flu, Shields goes down with a lat injury.  Only David Robertson is performing and could be the first chip dealt to a contender.

We shall wait and see.  It is not going to be pretty this season, but Jacob May does finally have a hit!!  Yippee!!

On the North Side, the cubs fans get ready for another long playoff run after they have put together 4 straight wins, 3 of the come-from-behind variety.  Coming back in 3 games when down more than 3 runs in each.  Once the warmer weather comes around, and the starters start going deeper in games, this team should begin their roll.

Bulls without Rajon Rondo are not a fun team to watch, but tonight's game 4 could be interesting if Jimmy Butler decides to pass the ball and try to get to the free throw line.  Zero assists and zero free throws in Game 3 loss.

For my soccer fans, the Chicago Fire fell to Toronto, 3-1 Friday, but look to bounce back Saturday in NY against the Red Bulls.  Catch Chicago Fire Weekly Wednesday's at 6:00 on CSN+ or streaming at

Get ready for "El Clasico", Real Madrid vs. Barcelona today.  Some of the best soccer talent you will see on one pitch other than the World Cup.

Finally, I let Silvy down Friday when he asked me for a quick "What's Up Fred's Can" during crosstalk on ESPN 1000.  Hope to not allow that to happen again.  I told you I'll be 60 in May...something is ALWAYS bothering me.


  1. If the decision to move Frazier & Quintana had already been made in April, it's good the Sox waited until July to get better value back.


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