Am I crazy, I like this Bears team!

NFL Draft Day was the last time I had posted on this site. Since then, I have continued to be cancer-free after six chemo sessions for Large B-Cell Lymphoma. That's the good news. The bad news is my wife, Pat, has seen her ovarian cancer return. I am currently sitting in a room with eight other cancer patients and my wife, going through their various treatments. We continue to hope and pray that the chemo works, again, and my wife can go back into remission.

It can affect us all. Earlier this week, we were informed Blackhawks announcer and all-around great guy, Eddie Olczyk is dealing with colon cancer. Make no mistake, it is most definitely a fight, but one that Edzo will challenge head on.

It's the start of the NFL preseason, (the league hates when you call them exhibition games), and everyone is all excited about Texans rookie, Deshaun Watson. Calm down. One nice performance and all we hear is Ryan Pace screwed up and Trubisky won't be as good.

I didn't go to Bourbonnais this year, but am actually excited about the direction the Bears are going in. I am the one... the one that wanted the Bears to go out and get Mike Glennon the last couple years so he could learn the "Bears Way", the Bears offense under Jay Cutler. Better late than never. I think the big guy is the perfect QB for Mitchell Trubisky to work behind.

Offensively, who cares if Cameron Meredith and Kevin White are the teams 1-2 receivers. Remember, this is the team that told Jay one year his top targets were going to be Devin Hester and Johnny Knox. Pace has brought in some veterans and I expect one of Cruz, Wheaton, Wright or Randle to step up and help this season. We ALL expect the same or better from Jordan Howard, and if the line can get and stay healthy, they can hopefully keep the big QB on his feet.

Defensively, the Bears were good last season before injuries decimated them and they fell apart in the last three games. They went out and signed vets to play the cornerback and safety positions. Now Adrian Amos needs to stick his nose in there and also learn how to wrap up. I am encouraged by the good things Eddie Jackson has done in camp.

There is no reason this team can't compete with Detroit and Minnesota for second in the division. At least that's how I feel. We get our first chance to see the team on the field against an opponent tonight when Denver comes to Soldier Field. I'll break it down on Twitter as we see how things progress.

Beer wise, I missed the Welles Park Fest last week, but have been trying to sample and enjoy as many new beers as I can. There is a great, new gastro pub in Downers Grove called 3 Corners on Lemont and 75th Street. I'm not sure what a real gastro pub is, but I feel it's a place with great food and a large beer selection, and that's what 3 Corners has.

Also, check out a new brewery, Black Horizon, (, in Willowbrook. Their taproom is open Thursday through Sunday. Good beer, nice guys.

If you are a craft beer guy and like podcasts, you must check out Sheffield's Beer School with Ted Brunson. His latest podcast with Jason Ebel is great hearing how Two Brothers got started and continues to expand.

What's Up Fred's Can? If you have heard me on ESPN 1000 with Waddle and Silvy, you may have heard this segment before. Why is it that at restaurants, when you thank a server or bartender, their response so often is, "No Problem!" Of course, it's no problem. You are getting paid to serve the customer. How about they try saying, "My pleasure"?  That would be nice...and no problem!